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Variable Overheads

Variable overheads, like materials, are considered by many to be little effected by productivity improvement, and to be directly proportional to volumes of business. Often, these costs are simply accepted by the business, resulting in lack of will to manage the costs, and refelected by the way in which no-one in the organisation takes responsibility for controlling the costs.

In fact, a lot can be done with variable overheads, and many aspects of variable overhead are barely influenced by business volume. Examples include:

Each of these can be considerably reduced during our projects, both by gaining direct cost-savings, and by achieving greater value from existing expenditure. When required, we use specialist skills from associate consultants to gain full advantage of those resources, while working to achieve maximum advantage from the full range of resources of the client business (beware of specialist consultants who claim to gain savings from one particular resource - often at the expense of other resources and costs).

No two of our projects are ever the same, just as no two businesses (and even two sites of the same business) can be the same. Our projects are tailored to the specific needs and wishes of each client, identified and agreed during a comprehensive short review of the business, thus a wide range of different variable overhead cost savings may be applicable to any business.

During the course of our projects, we develop management responsibilities, skills, and techniques, in order to achieve recognition of both the gains to be reaped from controlling those costs, and of ways in which to maximise use of variable overhead resources.

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