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When most people discuss efficiency in their business, they refer to labour efficiency, oblivious to the wide range of other resources which must also be well managed to achieve satisfactory efficiency. But there is no doubt that payroll is one of the most significant costs to business, and that good management of labour is essential.

Despite all the talk, few managers actually properly manage their labour resources, prefering to use instinct rather than resource planning and management systems, and accepting high levels of wasted time. Even in manufacturing, with its reputation for standard times and rigorous monitoring of statistics, little attention is paid to causes of waste, nor to non-productive activities which fail to add value to the business.

Our projects adopt a comprehensive approach to improving the management of all resources/costs, with activities to gain increased value from payroll costs including:

One mistake that too many businesses make when introducing "efficiency" improvements, is to fail to take action to ensure that the financial benefits are properly realised (How many companies have introduced computers into their business in order to achieve increased "efficiency", only to see payroll costs soar when support staff are recruited?), and that benefits promised really do reach the company accounts. An essential feature of all of our projects is to ensure that benefits are genuinely realised within a short time, with minimum disruption and pain. Methods of gaining real increased labour efficiency include: In achieving improved value from payroll costs, it is important to remember that all businesses depend upon the quality of service provided by staff, and that labour efficiency depends upon much more than doing a job quickly. Significantly more benefit will be gained from improving the quality of the workforce, through training, development, and good management, than can be achieved through blindly reducing staff numbers.

All of our projects achieve a high level of involvement from staff at all levels within the client business structure, ensuring better understanding and co-operation for action to gain increased value from labour costs

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