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Welcome to Tiforp Associates, a management consultancy with a track record of providing genuine improvement in a wide range of industries - fast!

At Tiforp Associates, we produce action, not mere reports. We take a pride in delivering real benefits to our clients, giving measurable, permanent, improvements to profitability.

Our projects aim to provide innovative improvements to the client business, allowing them to become leaders in their market. We go well beyond industry standards, and are not content simply to copy our client's competitors, preferring to make good businesses even better.

Started by Paul Beatty in 1991, our client list consists of some of UK and Ireland's most profitable businesses - and that's no coincidence! Client industries include:
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Engineering - light
  • Horticultural
  • Manufacturing - building products
  • Mining
  • Retail - fashion
  • Banking
  • Engineering - heavy
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing - foods
  • Quarrying
  • Steel mills
  • Electricity suppliers
  • Healthcare
  • Legal services
  • Manufacturing - textiles
  • Retail - food
  • Wholesale distribution

To find out more, please use the links below. To get free advice on potential to increase profits in your business, please visit the "What can we do for YOUR business" page. To discuss ways in which we can help your business, and obtain references from satisfied clients, please phone or eMail Paul Beatty.

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"Results, not reports!"

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