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Project Approach

The aim of each project is to provide genuine, measureable, improvements to the client business, giving increases to profits as a direct result of actions taken during the project.

Those actions can only take effect in a business when conducted, and supported, by the management team, at all levels within the business. The reason that those actions have not previously taken place is usually due to the management team's lack of at least one of two essential ingredients of management.

Managers need information in order to make decisions. The information must be accurate, relevant, and easy to understand. Information is the tool of the manager's trade.

Managers also need the ability to use that information in decision-making, to communicate those decisions, and to gain sufficient trust to ensure that those decisions are respected. A manager's style is a reflection of their skill in the business of management.

Thus a manager's trade can be compared to that of any other skilled worker, with best results only being achieved when provided with both the best tools and the best skills.

Our projects address both of those areas, the heart of the company culture, through a comprehensive structured process of development, finalising with all improvements fully implemented.

At the commencement of any project, a short review of the business is conducted to analyse and quantify potential for improvement. Immediately after this, a full commitment will be made, setting out targets and timescales for achievements, including a cash-flow plan providing justification of the project and expectation of profits improvement.

Should there not be a fast return on the cost of a project, we will not proceed, and will provide the client with a full report on findings and recommendations at no cost.

Since we started in business in 1991, we have always exceeded agreed targets for improvement to client's profits.

Once started, a project develops three main components of the business:

Improvements implemented during projects involve not simply physical, but also significant cultural changes within the organisation - a difficult and often much neglected, but essential, element of making those improvements permanent. We adopt a very down-to-earth approach to this, which has won much praise from staff at all levels within our client's businesses.

Experience has proved this comprehensive approach to be extremely effective in optimising the resources of the client business, and in providing relatively painless change to give lasting results.

"Results, not reports!"

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